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Tree Removal service

Tree Removal

Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming Services

Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming

Land Clearing Service

Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Land clearing is the process of removing trees, shrubs, and other vegetation from an area of land. The most common methods of land clearing include felling, grubbing, and mulching.
Felling is the process of cutting down trees and shrubs using a chainsaw or other cutting tool. This method is typically used to clear large areas of land quickly. However, it can be disruptive to the environment and may damage delicate root systems.

Grubbing is the process of uprooting trees and shrubs by digging around their base with a shovel or other tool. This method is slower than felling but can be less damaging to the environment.

Mulching is the process of shredding tree branches and other vegetation into small pieces using a chipper or mulcher. This mulch can then be used as a soil amendment or Landscaping material. Mulching is a more environmentally friendly method of land clearing as it recycling tree branches and other vegetation.

Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming Services

Tree pruning and tree trimming are both essential techniques for keeping trees healthy and preventing damage. Tree pruning is the process of removing dead or dying branches, as well as branches that are growing in a direction that could be harmful to the tree. Tree trimming is the process of shaping and thinning out the tree’s canopy. This helps to improve air circulation and allow more sunlight to reach the tree’s leaves. Both tree pruning and tree trimming help to encourage new growth, while also helping to reduce the risk of branches breaking or falling. As a result, these techniques are essential for anyone who wants to keep their trees healthy and prevent damage.

Tree Removal Service

Tree removal is a big decision. It’s not something you want to do on a whim. There are a lot of factors you need to consider before you make the call to have a tree removed. One of the most important factors is the time of year. Depending on the type of tree, the time of year can make a big difference in how easy or difficult it is to remove. It can also affect the cost. In general, the best time of year for tree removal is during the dormant season. This is typically from late fall to early spring. The weather is cooler, so there’s less risk of heat exhaustion for the workers. The ground is also softer, making it easier to dig out the roots. If you have a tree that needs to be removed, consult with a tree removal specialist to find out what the best time of year would be for your particular situation.

Crane-Assisted Tree Removal Service

Crane Tree Removal is the best option during an emergency. The crane can quickly and efficiently remove the tree without damaging surrounding property. In addition, the crane operator can control the speed and direction of the tree removal, making it a safe and effective method. Crane Tree Removal is also an excellent choice for large trees that need to be removed quickly. The crane can easily lift and remove the tree in a matter of minutes. For these reasons, Crane Tree Removal is the best option for emergency tree removal.

Stump Grinding Service

Stump grinding is a dangerous and difficult task that should only be attempted by professionals. The process involves using a large grinding machine to slowly chip away at the stump, making it smaller and smaller until it is completely removed. This can be extremely dangerous if the operator is not experienced, as they could easily lose control of the machine and cause serious injury. In addition, stump grinding can also damage nearby trees and shrubs if not done carefully. For these reasons, it is always best to hire a professional stump grinding service when you need to have a stump removed from your property. Not only will they be able to do the job safely and effectively, but they will also clean up any debris afterwards so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Emergency Tree Removal Service

Emergency Tree Removal is a process where a tree that is considered to be a danger to people or property is removed in order to prevent damage or injury. There are a number of reasons why a tree may need to be removed, but the most common is because the tree is sick or dying. When a tree is sick, it can pose a serious risk to anyone nearby, as the branches may fall and cause injuries. If you suspect that a tree on your property is sick, it’s important to watch for signs that indicate it’s time for emergency tree removal. These signs include:

Dead Or Dying Branches

One of the most obvious signs that a tree is sick is the presence of dead or dying branches. If you see branches that are brown or lifeless, it’s an indication that the tree is not healthy.

Leaning Trunk

A healthy tree will have a straight trunk. If you notice that the trunk of a tree on your property is starting to lean, it’s another sign that the tree is unhealthy and needs to be removed.

Rotten Roots

The roots of a healthy tree are typically white or cream-colored. If you see roots that are brown or black, it’s an indication that they’re beginning to rot. This can weaken the tree and make it more likely to fall over.
If you notice any of these signs on a tree on your property, it’s important to contact a professional Emergency Tree Removal Service as soon as possible to have the tree removed before it poses a danger to people or property.

Client Testimonials

AA Tree & Shrub services removed a large sugar maple which was dying in our backyard. The area did not allow for a bucket lift and Alfredo’s crew did an exceptional job climbing the tree, cutting the branches in a very tight area (between shed and bushes) with exceptional knowledge of cutting with no damage to surrounding area. Staff were friendly, professional and clean up was exceptional! Price point was competitive and would recommend AA Tree 7 Shrub. Thank you to your crew!

-M. Rice

Alfredo and his team removed a large white oak from our front yard and trimmed a pine tree in the back. His price was very competitive and the team removed the tree with minimal impact to the yard. His competitors were twice the price with the caveat that there would be damage to the yard. Alfredo’s crew brought the tree down cleanly by climbing and ground the stump, removing all debris. I would recommend them and will use them again.

-Michael Harris